Sustainable Housing

In our 2014 constituency survey when asked about local issues that matter most 27% of you said the green belt and 17% said housing.

Here in the Somerset, we have many of the same planning problems that the rest of the country have. None of us object to more housing being built we all understand the need for more affordable housing, especially for young people who have grown up here, so they can continue to be part of the community.

But we have villages here like Yatton, like Claverham, like Backwell where the plans are simply unsustainable. We don't mind having more housing, but we've got to have the infrastructure that goes with it. We have problems with the congestion on our small roads, we have problems with the capacity of our doctors, we have problems with the land around us, where the water table is very high, where we already have problems with drainage and where housing is going to add to that.

What we require are proper local solutions, to be sorted out by people who understand the area; not by bureaucrats who make decisions about places that they have never heard of.