Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I know this is a very worrying situation, especially for those of us who are elderly or who  have elderly relatives.  As I have said publicly, I believe the UK Government’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak seems sensible, measured & proportionate, and in line with the best medical advice.  There will be daily bulletins from No 10 and the Secretary of State for Health made it very clear in the debate in the House of Commons yesterday what measures will be taken and what people should do themselves individually.  As you can imagine, I am receiving a great many messages each day  and I am afraid it is simply not possible to respond to each constituent personally.  I will, of course, pass on your suggestions.

The Chancellor will be making statements daily  about the financial situation and the measures that will be taken to help small businesses and individuals.

I believe the best thing we can all do is to continue to follow the Government’s advice which is available at the following links:

As the Covid 19 crisis continues my parliamentary office continues to be inundated with questions and comments from concerned members of the public. While we entirely understand this and will do all we can to help, I need to point out that we have only two full-time members of staff and cannot deal with every query individually. There are a number of issues that clearly concern us all and I set the main ones out below.