NATO remains the best bet for European security

Dr. Fox writes for the Sunday Telegraph about why closer EU defence integration should not replace NATO as the guarantor of European security. See the article on the Telegraph website here or read the full text below. 

A message from the People's Health Trust

People's Health Trust is an independent charity investing in local communities to help create a society without health inequalities. They are offering Active Communities grants to local groups with a deadline of 22 January 2014. Click to learn more about them. 

A Big Thanks to the Supporters of Give Us Time

Thank you to all those who have supported Give Us Time, my new charity that aims to help service families adjust to live after combat. For more information about what the charity has done so far and the photos of our launch event last night, please keep reading. 

Turkey at 90, a guarantee for regional security

Dr Liam Fox MP writes for Hurriyet Daily News, the leading English language daily in Turkey, about the reasons that Turkey should join the European Union. The original article can be found on the Hurriyet Daily News website here or see below for the full text.  

Liberal Democrats' Plans for Nuclear Deterrent are Reckless

In a letter to The Times, 15 senior defence and security figures, including Dr Liam Fox, have outlined why the plans to halve Trident are dangerous and would put national security at risk. The letter is available on The Times website here or you can read the full text below.  

We should shape the world in our own image

Dr Fox speaks to Robert Watts of the Sunday Telegraph about life, politics and Rising Tides, his new book. The full text of the article is below or it can be read on the Telegraph website here. 

Ten global nightmares that should keep us all up at night

Liam Fox writes for the Mail on Sunday on the top ten issues that pose a threat to global stability ahead of the launch of his new book, Rising Tides. The article can be found on the Mail Online website here or you can read the full text below. 

Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Bill

The Bill on transparency has made progress through the house this week. People may wish to read this excellent article written recently by Andrew Lansley, leader of the House of Commons, in the Daily Telegraph. It sets out the context of the debate.