The fight goes on over pylon lines in North Somerset



Dr Liam Fox vows to fight on over National Grid plans to run pylon lines through the middle of the North Somerset constituency.

Generally, these plans are very disappointing and will reinforce the impression that the whole consultation was largely a waste of time.  There are some minor improvements with fewer lines across Nailsea and the main pylon line being moved away from housing.  The under grounding of lines across the Mendips is welcome, but nothing is being done to reduce the environmental impact of potentially higher pylons across Tickenham Ridge.


We will continue to fight for the use of new technology as the cost must be measured in more than just money.  This may be the end of the “War of the Mendips” but it is just the beginning of the “Battle of Tickenham Ridge”.


I will be talking further to National Grid; we will be having a public meeting in Nailsea; and I will be seeing the Secretary of State to see whether changes in legislation can be used to change these plans.


The fight goes on.