PORTISHEAD TO BRISTOL RAIL LINK - update 13th January 2020


There is good news for the Portishead Railway as the Development Consent Order progresses to what is known as Section 56.  This will mean that:

  • Statutory bodies, landowners, and other interested parties will be written to formally advising them of the acceptance of the DCO application, how they can view the application, and - should they wish to - how to register any responses to, or other representations in respect of, the Project with the Planning Inspectorate;
  • The display of public notices along the railway corridor stating that an application for development consent has been made and signposting people to where they can access the application documents;
  • Notices will be published in local and national newspapers containing details of the process and how to view the application;
  • Hard copies of the application will be available to view locally in Portishead Library, Pill Resource Centre, and Bristol Central Library; and
  • A copy of the application will also be made available online at www.travelwest.info/metrowest

Dr Liam Fox said:  “It is exciting that we have reached this crucial phase for the Portishead branch line. I hope that all those involved will respond positively and with enthusiasm so that we can make speedy progress.”