PRESS RELEASE - Dr Liam Fox MP backs Bristol Airport call for testing

Dr Liam Fox MP is backing calls for Covid-19 testing for passengers flying into Bristol Airport.

Bristol Airport has been dramatically affected by the pandemic, experiencing a massive 99% reduction in traffic levels during the lockdown period, leading to hundreds of job losses.  Dr Liam Fox is keen to look at whether introducing testing at airports could reduce quarantine times and help the industry recover.

In his letter to Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, Dr Liam Fox wrote “As you know the travel industry, and therefore the airports, have had one of the most difficult times of all sectors during the pandemic. Even when passengers have a legitimate interest in flying there is the added unpredictability of quarantine restrictions which affect both business and leisure passengers.

I think we need to look at the practice of other countries to see where the addition of testing either before travel or airport on arrival can reduce quarantine times. Not only does this reduce the inconvenience to individual travellers but it may well encourage greater traffic and minimise the burden on an industry which, in Bristol airport's case, has already lost hundreds of jobs. We all want to see pandemic managed in a way that minimises the risk to public health and maximises the chance of recovery of our economy. I fully support the idea of pilot projects to test the viability of this concept and if you are looking for a suitable candidate in Bristol airport would be happy to cooperate”

Many Countries are now offering testing at airports, which in some cases can allow passengers to leave quarantine early.


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