Objection to planning application 23/P/0664/OUT - housing development in Yatton

I have today submitted the below objection on North Somerset Council's website to Planning Application 23/P/0664/OUT - housing development in Yatton.


'I am objecting to this application to build on the Yatton flood plain in the strongest terms. I have received numerous letters and emails from constituents who share my objection. It is simply wrong to build homes on land that is known to flood and to knowingly put new residents at the very real danger of their homes being flooded. Plans to raise the land will simply transfer the flood risk into the village. The flood plain is there to protect the village from flooding, not to cause it.

In addition, Yatton has absorbed hundreds of new homes in the last decade. The village infrastructure - roads, sewage processing, schools and GP services - are already overwhelmed. Shiners Elms, the road being considered for access, is a tiny residential Cul de Sac and totally inappropriate.

The recent guidance from Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, makes it absolutely clear that developers should not be building on unsuitable land, particularly flood plain and green belt, simply to meet notional housing targets.

I have personally brought this application to the attention of the Secretary of State as an example of one of the most extreme and inappropriate applications I have seen.'