News from the Constituency July 2019

I had a busy schedule in North Somerset at the weekend, starting with a visit to Smart Systems in Yatton, a thriving business which is now employing over 500 people in local jobs.  They are the UK’s leading supplier of architectural aluminium systems and have a very impressive setup.

Dr Liam Fox MP Politeia Keynote Addres

When Winston Churchill won the Nobel prize in 1953, he was unable to attend ceremony in person and his speech was read in Stockholm, in December of that year by Lady Churchill. It spoke of his fears for the future and the anxiety that events were spiralling beyond his grasp.

Dr Liam Fox Speech to Conservative Party Conference 2018

Sometimes in political life, the decisions that we take and the implications they have for our country’s future can only be seen sometime later – often well after the event.

This is not one of those times.

Nailsea Police and Fire Station Open Day

Dr Liam Fox MP visited Nailsea Fire and Police Station Open Day on 9th September.  The Fire and Police Station threw open their doors to the public to welcome more than 300 people from around the local area.

Dr Liam Fox MP visits Kingston Seymour Village Market

At the beginning of September Dr Liam Fox MP visited Kingston Seymour Village Market.  The market is held in the village hall on the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 – 12:00 selling a range of local goods and crafts as well as refreshments.  Dr Fox said “It was wonderful to meet so many pe