Building Applications In North Somerset June 2015 Update

A great many  people have written who are understandably worried about the large number of applications for planning permission for house building in North Somerset, especially around Yatton, Claverham and Backwell. I hope this note will give some useful guidance.

Clevedon Community Hospital

In-patient beds in Clevedon hospital have been retained following a successful campaign by the League of Friends, local residents and Dr Liam Fox.

Sustainable Housing

In our 2014 constituency survey when asked about local issues that matter most 27% of you said the green belt and 17% said housing.Here in the Somerset, we have many of the same planning problems that the rest of the country have. None of us object to more housing being built we all understand the need for more affordable housing, especially for young people who have grown up here, so they can continue to be part of the community.

Pub Price Watch

Earlier this year, I asked landlords in North Somerset to submit the prices they are charged to buy their beer. I was particularly concerned that the viability of some pubs was being undermined by suppliers operating a “divide and rule” policy when it comes to beverage pricing. Here are the results so far:     Guinness