Sir Liam Fox MP encourages constituents to write to NSC against proposed car parking charges

North Somerset MP Sir Liam Fox has encouraged his constituents to engage in a mass writing campaign to North Somerset Council over proposed car parking charges.

Sir Liam, who has consistently opposed such proposals over several years, said "these plans will be a potential kiss of death to our local town centres already facing the pressures from online shopping and Cribbs Causeway. In Nailsea, Clevedon and Portishead we are not like Weston-super-Mare where tourists from outside the area will contribute through parking charges. These plans will just hit local residents and businesses and will fall especially heavily on groups such as the elderly and those visiting local doctors.

“Arguments that such proposals are about "sustainability" and "preventing congestion" are just green mumbo-jumbo language for ripping off my constituents.

“The so-called consultation was fundamentally flawed. It did not allow residents to object to the project as a whole – it was a complete con. People should ignore the deadline and send their objections to the whole scheme to North Somerset Council.”