Second update from Crest Nicholson - Implementation of fixed rent charge by FirstPort Property Management for residents at Port Marine

Liam spoke with Mark Foyle, Managing Director of Crest Nicholson South West, this morning about the fixed rent charge issue.

Mr Foyle outlined that he and other officials at Crest have held several meetings with officials from FirstPort over the past few months, some of which had solicitors from both sides present. Crest have also sent multiple letters and emails, not all of which have been answered.

As stated by Mr Foyle, Crest’s position hasn’t changed: they do not think that the £300 +VAT fee to enter into the Deed of Variation should be applied by FirstPort, and they have continually stressed this during their correspondence with FirstPort.

To this end, they have sent another letter today, this time to FirstPort’s legal department. Please find this letter below (the second letter included below is the letter they sent in January which is again referred to in today's letter).

Further updates will be provided in due course.


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