Why NATO must watch its back door

Dr Liam Fox states Putin still clings to Cold War doctrines which puts him on a collision course with the free world. This article was written by Dr Liam Fox for Aljazeera on the 20th of February 2015.

Sending more GPs to A&E will solve this crisis

Dr Liam Fox states that NHS should never be used as a political weapon for any party. This article was written by Dr Liam Fox and was first published in the Telegraph on Thursday 15th of January 2015.

ISIS threat requires action, not words

Liam Fox writes for the Daily Mail and the Sun on the threat of ISIS to international security, local populations and the West. See the Daily Mail article on their website here. 

Andrew Marr reviews Liam Fox's book

Andrew Marr describes Rising Tides, as "a book which brims with historical insight, detail and thoughtfulness". Read the quote here or see the Heron Books website for a full description of Liam Fox's book. 

We must stop British jihadists coming home to kill

"Failure to defeat Isis will have catastrophic consequences for security in Iraq and at home, where the threat from returning British jihadists will require renewed vigilance to stop." Read the full article on the Daily Telegraph here.