Dr Liam Fox MP Responds to Caffe Nero on Milk Sourcing

Dr Fox responds to Caffe Nero on Milk Sourcing


Responding to Caffe Nero’s statement on milk sourcing, Dr Fox said:


“The ‘serious and credible threats’ against Caffe Nero team members from Animal Rights activists is a disgrace which the police need to deal with urgently.  It is tragic that farmers will potentially pay the price for this intimidation”.


Statement from Caffe Nero:


“There has been a lot of controversy and strong emotion surrounding the culling of badgers. To be clear, Caffe Nero is not for or against this practice. That is a matter for the Government and those who have strong views on the policy. We sell coffee.

We are at a loss as to why our stores have been the target of protestors when we are not part of the debate. In fact 98% of our milk supply came from outside the affected areas.

In response to serious and credible threats against our team members, we decided that the welfare of our people and our customers came first and have taken a pragmatic decision on our milk sourcing policies. Any threats to our people or customers is totally unacceptable and we have asked the authorities for support and assistance against these threats of violence and disruption.

Caffe Nero has long standing relationships with farmers throughout the UK. We will continue to be supportive of the NFU and are working with them to find a suitable outcome for all parties. However as a first priority we must guarantee the safety of our people and customers.”