Fox Comments On Le Touquet Treaty 2003 Claims

Fox comments on Le Touquet Treaty 2003 claims


Speaking this morning, Dr Liam Fox MP said:

“I am sad and disappointed to see our Prime Minister stoop to this level of scaremongering, especially as he knows the Calais agreement is nothing to do with the EU and agreed between the two governments”.


Furthermore, the claims that the Jungle migrant camp would appear in England if Britain left the EU are not only alarmist, but have already been refuted by the French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve.


In October last year he [the French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve] said:

“Calling for the border with the English to be opened is not a responsible solution. It would send a signal to people smugglers and would lead migrants to flow to Calais in far greater numbers. A humanitarian disaster would ensue.  It is a foolhardy path, and one the government will not pursue. On the contrary, we’re going to make the border even more watertight to dissuade smugglers and migrants, respect international rules and reduce the pressure on Calais."


The Daily Telegraph, 21st October 2015